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Considered as the smallest province in Northern Mindanao with a total land area of only 29,187 hectares, Camiguin is a small island blessed with idyllic pristine beaches, splendid waterfalls, awe-inspiring volcanoes, rejuvenating hot springs and diverse marine life. Truly, a veritable Garden of Eden! 
Locals and tourists who visited the island are one in saying that this paradise is indeed one of the most beautiful islands in the country. And for an archipelago with 7,107 islands, that’s certainly saying quite a 
To get there from Manila, take a direct flight to Cagayan de Oro City which takes only about an hour and a half. Then from CDO airport, simply take a cab to the bus terminal in Agora Market and hop on the bus bound for Balingoan Port which will take at least 2 hours. Once you reach the port, take a Ferry going to Camiguin Island. You get off at Benoni Wharf at Mahinog which is about 17 kms. from the 
For those coming from Cebu, a direct flight to Camiguin is now available. Recently a local budget airline Cebu Pacific has offered this new domestic route which is operational three times a week. For 
This little island with hidden pockets of natural wonders can be explored in a day via its circumferential road. Either rent a multi-cab or a local motorcycle called habal-habal so you can travel around Camiguin’s tourist spots with convenience. 
CROSS MARKER AND SUNKEN CEMETERY. In 1871, Mt. Vulcan violently erupted and some areas of the town of Bonbon, Catarman, including the community cemetery, sunk below sea level. In 1982, the provincial government installed a large white cross to mark the spot where the cemetery once Perfect for watching the sunset, the famous Cross can be sighted up close by renting a boat. It is also a great spot to swim, snorkel or scuba dive.
MANTIGUE ISLAND. A tiny island which has been listed as a natural reserve and protected  area, Mantigue Island Natural Park is 4 hectares of lush forest edged with immaculately white powdery sand beach. Visitors can enjoy the island by swimming or snorkeling. A true scuba diver’s haven, this island which features a deep drop-off is considered by many to be the best dive spot in the country with abundantly varied marine life and enchanting corals.
MOUNT HIBOK-HIBOK. A 1,250-meter slope Mount Hibok-Hibok is one of only two active volcanoes on the island (the other being Mt. Vulcan as there are seven volcanoes in the island). 
Frequented by experienced mountaineers for its challenging trail and awesome peak, this popular active volcano provides a spectacular view of Camiguin’s neighboring islands of Negros, Bohol and Cebu.
ARDENT HOT SPRING. A natural hot spring that spews from the active volcano Mt. Hibok-
Hibok is surrounded by beautiful tropical woods for which the Municipality of Mambajao has provided comfortable amenities such as a restaurant, cottages and dormitory-type rooms. Indeed a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after a day of tiring but fun-filled activities.
CATARMAN CHURCH RUINS. During the aforementioned eruption of Mount Vulcan in 1871, the Spanish settlement of Catarman established in 1697 was wiped out and partly submerged. The ruins of the old Spanish church called Gui-Ob Church, with its ruined adobe walls and belfry, are little that remains as silent witnesses to the devastation caused by the ire of mother nature. 
KATIBAWASAN FALLS. Situated about five kilometers southeast of Mambajao is the 250-feet Katibawasan Falls. Cool, refreshing mountain water cascading down boulders, wild ferns and beautiful orchids enticing one to dive right into. This supremely captivating natural wonder, maintained and preserved by the locals, is just the thing for hot summer escapades!
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