fugao & Mt. Province
Batad Village
Boracay Island
Sorsogon, Donsol
El-Nido, Palawan
Palawan Island
Cebu Island
Bohol Island

4D / 3N Banaue & Sagada

Banaue rice terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces. The amazing Eighth Wonder of the World, has been functioning as rice paddy terraces for the Igorot tribes living in the rugged North.
These steps were carved out of mountains in prehistoric times using sheer brawn. With their fierce culture, even now the Igorots tend to the terraces and perform ancient rituals linked to the cosmic force that inspired their farming ancestors to build this sustainable technology.. a truly original feat of engineering.
12D / 13N Higland to Islands

philippines vacation tours and travel packages

If you always wanted to meet the natives, to feel the cold air up in the mountains, and to see the Underground river (The 7th wonder of the world); With Highlands to Islands package, it is within your reach. You will visit Banaue, Batad/Hapao rice terraces, the largest vegetable terraces plantation around Asia, Baguio City, Taal Volcano, Pagsanjan falls and the breath taking Palawan Island with Honda Bay and Underground River. A very interesting way of exploring the Philippines.
An invitation to the Philippines!

Tourismo Filipino Inc. Stands for our genuine commitment to optimize tourism prospects in Southeast Asia. Our specialty is unique packages all over the country; Philippine tours from Private organized tours, North and South, through Diving trips with the best diving spots, as well as Day Tours in Manila and out. With us you will experience the Rice Terraces in Banaue & Kalinga, and 7107 amazing Islands!

Philippines Tours Flight Deals!

Private tours to Manila, Boracay, Banaue & Sagada!

16D / 15N Philippine Experience!

philippines tours and vacation packages – private

The real Philippine tours, The best sites & the best experiences! Amazing rice terraces, a Day tour in Manila where you can see the long history of the Philippines from the Spanish era through the American time, up to this days. 4X4 vehicle that will take you to Mt. Pinatubo, Finish your trip in Palawan, at the Underground river, Honda Bay Island hopping and even Elnido with its famous lagoons.

13D / 12N Visayas Dive Safari!

diving philippines

Dive Safari in the Visayas is a lifetime experince, You will have the chance to dive in destinations like, Cebu, Malapascua Island, Bay Bay, Leyte, Maasin/Padre Burgous, South leyte rout.
That package good for professional divers with certificate, but you may bring along your partner, who is not a diver, and he will be entertained while you are diving.

The Philippine Fiesta

A fiesta is defined by the Spanish as a religious festival, a saint''s day or holiday. The Spanish occupation of the Philippines lasted 300 years. Therefore, the practice of naming districts and people baptized in the Catholic faith after saints are some of the vestiges of their occupation.

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11D / 10N Honeymoon Vacation

day trips to manila sagada boracay – flight to phi

The Philippines well known with its unique and special destinations for Honeymooners. The Honeymoon package includes the most recommended Islands for Honey moon, you get the taste of those, with the suggested time for each. You will have the time for party, some nature and the most important: time for Each other, in unique hotels and resorts, fun activities and exceptional beached and view.

7D / 6N Honeymoon Vacation

honey moon vacation philippines

Experience an unforgettable Honeymoon in the Philippines! Your special time with your special partner just begin when you land here. We selected for you the best Philippine tours and places to spend your oneymoon vacation; it is the most beautiful place in the Pilippines, It is Elnido in Palawan, known with its picturesque view, Cristal blue lagoons and endless limestone cliffs.
The Philippines

The Philippines is comprised of 7,107 islands. Its diverse landscape and terrain guarantees visitors more than 7,107 adventures and festive celebrations. It is considered the world's biodiversity hotspot. The Unesco World Heritage List includes numerous sites in the country, meaning it is very rich in culture as it is with natural resources. The Philippines and its friendly people hold so much promise for the entire world to discover. To any type of traveler, it reaches out in warm friendship and Filipinos are always ready to greet them with a smile. Pretty beaches dot the entire archipelago. Dive sites are to die for. Mountain ranges are lush and there are beautiful waterfalls here and there. Also there are the natural wonders only to be found in the Philippines. The capital is Manila. The Philippines is the world's third largest English-speaking country what make it the best place to travel.
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